Zipline Adventure Tour for Kids

Read on if you wish to enjoy a relaxing time zipping around Cancun. Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean?

Here’s the ULTIMATE ziplining guide in Cancun. We have updated a previous post.

Let us start with the basics.

  1. Prepare for your airport visit
  2. What to wear in Cancun
  3. Cancun Beach Activities and What You Need to Bring with You
  4. Airports – What you need to know before you go

Before you leave for the airport, make sure that the following are in order. Do not buy anything last minute.

Is your passport about to expire?

Although it may seem obvious, sometimes we can’t remember when something is due.

It’s expensive, so use it only in an emergency.

2. Hot & cold (attire).

Do not assume that the temperature will be warm on your flight.

Regular travelers know this:

  • Be prepared for extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t forget socks if you plan to wear sandals.
  • If you’re planning to wear a tank-top, don’t forget your sweater.

What does it remind you of?

  1. Does your luggage comply with the baggage policy of your airline?

Avoid this frustrating, embarrassing and time-consuming problem by reading on.

Check out the information and save yourself from unnecessary hassles!

4. Pack essentials

  1. Bring your prescription medicine. Bring your prescription as well.
  2. If you wear glasses, bring a spare pair (contacts work too).
  3. Inform your bank of your travel plans and bring cash along. If you don’t, you may have an accidental fraud block on the card.
  4. Always carry a copy with you. Not all places accept foreign licenses as official identification.
  5. Bring a tablet or eBook for entertainment. Not all airlines provide personalized viewing experiences.

What should you wear for a zipline adventure?

Let us start with the obvious.

Always buy two swimwear, in case one is wet.

You can bring plastic bags from home. Take it into consideration. Think about it. What would you prefer to do with your wet towels and swimming suits?

Easy-to-wear clothing, like tank tops and shirts.

Comfortable footwear, such as flip-flops, tennis shoes or water-shoes.

You forgot to wear warm clothes!

Cancun, isn’t it warm and sunny there? And this is the main reason?

Both questions will be answered in the end. What you think doesn’t really matter.

You are above the air conditioning! Many locations, such as hotels, airport terminals and restaurants, can be very cold.

TIP: Be intelligent. Pack a cover or sweater!

You need to know about:

  • Two towels for the beach (in case only one towel is wet).
  • Make sure you use biodegradable sunblock! A few activities require it)
  • Aloe Vera is good for sunburns
  • Waterproof Case For Camera or Phone
  • Water shoes are an excellent addition to cenotes and other activities.
  • Buying your own gear can help you save money when renting.
  • A beach bag that keeps all your belongings together.

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