Why do parents not want their children to play with toy weapons?

Parents fear their children will get hurt if they let them play with fake guns.

Others may be unable to tell whether a gun they see is real or a toy. Others may need to be more sure. While you and your buddies might know it’s a harmless toy, others will not. Someone might mistake your toy for a real weapon, perceive you as a danger, and attempt to defend themselves. You could be hurt.

In the United States, hundreds of children are killed by gun violence every year. Due to these statistics, people such as us – experienced pediatricians and firearm injury prevention researchers– are concerned about the dangers of storing firearms incorrectly.

Toy guns are available to parents and children that look like real firearms, such as pistols and rifles. These toys are so realistic that kids may not be aware of the dangers and realize they’re not toys. The child may pick up the gun, play with it, and pull the trigger. In the U.S., more than 100 children die every year because they were accidentally handling a firearm.

Violent games encourage violence.

Toy guns can change the way that you think and interact with others. The weapon effect is a phenomenon that can cause people to act aggressively just by looking at weapons. This also applies to toy guns. Kids are likelier to play with firearms after watching a film with a lot of gun violence. Parents may wish to limit their children’s exposure to movies and television shows featuring guns and encourage them to play with toys that do not contain weapons.

They can become more comfortable with aggression and violence by playing violent games. Kids can even be more damaging. Researchers found that children who play violent video games are more likely to display aggression.

Real guns aren’t toys.

Adults with firearms in their homes must lock them up and prevent others from accessing or misusing them. Some people who own firearms do not lock them up. They may also keep the guns loaded with ammunition. This is dangerous. It’s best to treat the weapon as accurate and loaded.

What is the best thing for kids to do when they find a gun in their house or at a friend’s? Answer: Don’t touch it. Even if it looks like a toy, tell an adult. If it is a real gun, it could accidentally go off if you check it yourself.

It is the same at school. Tell a teacher if you see a gun or your classmates are talking about one. Telling a teacher, even if you are worried your friends might get angry, could prevent severe or deadly injuries.

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